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Yochi Eisner YE Associates 2020
Yochi Eisner YE Associates 2020
Yochi Eisner YE Associates 1 2020
Yochi Eisner YE Associates 2020

I'm Yochi Eisner and I established YE Associates to provide small and medium-size business owners, and those first opening their own businesses, with a range of essential business services: business and marketing strategy, branding, web design, content design, social media and traditional marketing management and customer retention services.

My associates and I are not business coaches, we don’t talk about personal goals or personal truths; we talk tachlas!  We deal in target markets, post reach and views and KPIs.  We are professional business service providers who help build and develop businesses.  We keep abreast of the latest marketing trends and technologies, so we can provide you with the highest level of service.  Read more about our services here.

Let’s talk about your business needs today!

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