September 8, 2019

it's time to take the Inspiration Pledge to rev-up your small business!  Work these 7 steps - one-at-a-time - to inspire you and move your business F-O-R-W-A-R-D today!

Learn 27 ingenious ways to move your small business forward, as well as tips to keep your creativity and productivity up during the long hot summer.

It’s time to take passion out of the business equation and learn what business choices are really important in this eye-opening blog

Competition is proof of the value of your industry. Learn 6 proven strategies to handle competition and grow your business.

Exploit your social media success, deepen your relationship with your audience and actively bring in more business.

Videos are a vital part of social media marketing
Videos are a vital part of social media marketing and can be uploaded to just about any platform from Facebook and YouTube to Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.  Each platform maintains its own video duration limits: Inst...

This blog is dedicated to Video posting and understanding Video Insights in Facebook and will be updated and/or additional blogs will be added as time goes on.  Make sure to read my blog Understanding and Exploiting Facebook Insights before you read this blog to under...

To get the most out of your business Facebook page you need to consistently post worthwhile content, share it with the appropriate groups AND you must learn to assess and to exploit Facebook's Insights tool.  The following is an in-depth explanation on this incredible...

Before hiring a marketing agency to help your small business establish marketing goals, strategize marketing priorities and create a social media posting schedule, consider and more. Consider this checklist of issues to consider before hiring a marketing agency.

That title caught your eye, right?  Well, the tag line for this blog should be 'How to write a blog title that gets people to open your blog'.  Spoiler alert: it’s a very big no-no to write a title that has nothing to do with your subject matter.  The mission of writin...

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