Competition is proof of the value of your industry. Learn 6 proven strategies to handle competition and grow your business.

Exploit your social media success, deepen your relationship with your audience and actively bring in more business.

Before hiring a marketing agency to help your small business establish marketing goals, strategize marketing priorities and create a social media posting schedule, consider and more. Consider this checklist of issues to consider before hiring a marketing agency.

Consider rebranding when your business has taken on a new or more focused direction or when you feel it is time to spruce up and improve your overall business image, or - and possibly more importantly - once you've  established your business and you have the time t...

Naming your baby and naming your business

The naming of an infant is a very significant event in Judaism – we believe that this name will - in many ways - mold the destiny of a child.  A good, strong name can be prophetic to the goodness and strength of the child as it...

Here are my ten business commandments you CANNOT afford to ignore to build a strong, viable and thriving small business.  Invest the time and effort in every one of these commandment steps - if it is worth doing - it' worth doing well!

1. Know it all!

You must know...

10 steps to build a solid brand 
First of all what is a brand? The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of any of these elements intended to identify the goods and/or services of one seller...

Follow my simple guidelines to create a great ABOUT ME page for your site. Make it personal, compelling and all about the customer and her/his pain.

When you plan and design your website – it seems to be all about youyour business name, your business products, your business services, your business location – it’s all you you you!  But like any child – and your site is your child - you nurtured it (planned the si...

It's not for nothing that I always say that marketing is “telling your story”!  Good marketing is telling a compelling story and successful marketing is telling a compelling story to the right audience. 

And there is a reason for this: we are hard-wired to want to hear...

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