Will life be the same without Facebook?

What will happen the day after Facebook dies?  An online marketing apocalypse? The end of the small-business marketing as we know it?  It’s going to happen one day - Facebook will die and when that happens the only quest...

Trends - in the real world and online

I was taught that a business trend, such as an upturn or downturn in business, could only be measured after analyzing the results of three full financial quarters.  If your business is seasonal, only a year-to-date assessment could...

December 17, 2017

Want to sell better?  Go out and buy something.  These two sentences hide, perhaps, the greatest truth and challenge in business and here’s why:  Our brain processes the acts of selling and buying as two distinctly disparate activities.  When we buy a product at a...

I may find myself ostracized by the entire civilized world and the gazillions who ‘inhabit’ the great World Wide Web, but, I truly believe that:  it ain’t all about social media

I know you’re shocked!  But along with Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,...

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