Before hiring a marketing agency to help your small business establish marketing goals, strategize marketing priorities and create a social media posting schedule, consider and more. Consider this checklist of issues to consider before hiring a marketing agency.

Here are my ten business commandments you CANNOT afford to ignore to build a strong, viable and thriving small business.  Invest the time and effort in every one of these commandment steps - if it is worth doing - it' worth doing well!

1. Know it all!

You must know...

Trends - in the real world and online

I was taught that a business trend, such as an upturn or downturn in business, could only be measured after analyzing the results of three full financial quarters.  If your business is seasonal, only a year-to-date assessment could...

September 14, 2016

Remember the old children’s story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’?  Ms. G. breaks into the bears’ home and tastes their porridge and tries out their chairs and their beds – she finds one too hard, one too soft and one just right; leaving a trail of broken furniture...

September 5, 2016

1. Blogging - Now!

Blogging - writing blog articles about your area of expertise and sharing your knowledge with others - is a great online way to build your name and reputation!

I divide blog topics for two distinct audiences:

  1. Topics written for peers and other profe...

It's not for nothing that I always say that marketing is “telling your story”!  Good marketing is telling a compelling story and successful marketing is telling a compelling story to the right audience. 

And there is a reason for this: we are hard-wired to want to hear...

I may find myself ostracized by the entire civilized world and the gazillions who ‘inhabit’ the great World Wide Web, but, I truly believe that:  it ain’t all about social media

I know you’re shocked!  But along with Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,...

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