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There comes a time in every small business owner's life when you begin to feel dissatisfied with your business results: you may feel your business is stagnant, at a standstill and you just can't seem to move forward.  The question is what do you do?  Who do you turn to for support and professional guidance?

What comes to the mind of many small business owners is to go to a business coach.  And what is the purpose of a business coach?  From our examination of various business coach sites, it would seem that their primary functions are to provide motivation the business owner with some level of  business clarity and help them prioritize and perhaps strategize their business goals.

While the above simplified list of functions sounds reasonable and perhaps even valuable to a small business owner, our experience with clients post-business coach sessions is that they were asked to do 'busy work': make lists of what they want, think about  but for the 

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