Marketing collateral from the House of YE Associates

Here are just a few examples of the dozens and dozens of marketing collateral I have written the content and graphically designed for clients; including social media covers and profiles, as well as images for posts and ads, brochures, fliers, landing pages and so much more!  Now it's time to explore the marketing collateral your business needs to improve your visibility! 

I create and design a custom-made, branded-for-your-business chagim/holiday greetings ready for posting on social media, newsletters and ready-for-print ads.  Click here to learn more and order your customized images TODAY!

Dream of publishing a professional book or creating a book from your blogs?  Read more about my Ebooks publishing services below.


An Ebook is an easy to produce, easy to update and cost-effective way to promote your message without spending exorbitant fees on printing and distribution. With a downloadable book you are also able to keep track of potential customers who are interested in downloading your Ebook.  

Click to view an ebook example.

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Image credits Pixabay , Wix and Sidney Eisner