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Want to succeed in business?  SMILE MORE!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

YEA! Marketing Smile for business success blog

You’ve heard it all before: smiling lowers stress and anxiety. Smiling is contagious – we subconsciously mimic the facial expressions of the people around us – smile and get the folks around you to smile as well. Even the act of making a fake or forced smile activates the areas of your brain that effectively change your mood for the better.

Now let’s talk about how smiling will improve your business:

1. Get into the habit of smiling when you talk on the phone to a client/a perspective client – heck everyone! People hear your smile and this creates a more positive, effective phone conversation. If you have a particularly important phone call – stand during the call. The act of standing creates subconscious, positive changes in how you talk and think.

2. Get into the habit of smiling for business pictures. Every business, especially small businesses, needs to be represented by photographs of the owner, because every business needs a human face behind it.

Whether you are a tour guide who will inevitably have pictures taken with your tour groups or an interior designer who wants to show off a new project with a photo shoot or a computer expert who may never see the light of day – you must have a physical presence in your marketing efforts.

Social media has made our lives super graphic and that means photos. Whether you are photogenic or not – you must learn how you should pose for optimal photographs. Talk to a professional photographer to help you learn to pose and feel comfortable in front of the camera. And ladies, don't be afraid to put on a bit of makeup - at least blush and lipstick - so you don't look washed out in photos, especially if you wear black or dark colors. And gentlemen, a bit of powder on your face/forehead will prevent an over-shiny/oily look in photos.

3. Get into the habit of smiling when you meet your clients – especially new clients – smiling makes you seem more approachable, trustworthy and honest; all traits you want to communicate to first-time clients before you even open your mouth.

4. Get into the habit of smiling – it’s contagious. Smiling gives you a better chance of getting a positive response from a client as you talk to them and because as humans we have a natural tendency to mimic the movements and gestures of those around us – if you smile – those around you will smile as well.

One last interesting social business tool: Try shaking your head up and down – as if you are saying "yes", while you are making a sales pitch. You should practice this head movement to make it seem as natural and imperceptible as possible. It’s been proven that people are more likely to agree with you when you use this "yes" head movement – again this is a subconscious mimicking of the movements of others around us. Just try it and see!

Begin today by smiling your way to a more successful business!

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