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Feeding your blog: 6 ways to find content

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

YEA! Marketing Finding great content for your blog blog

Feeding your "babies"

As we develop and grow our businesses, we have a tendency to see them as our “babies” and with hard work, tenacity and some TLC, they will hopefully grow into healthy, independent (revenue making) bodies that will take on a life of their own.

Our blogs are also our babies; they need to be tended, cared for and fed. We need to feed our blogs new content on a regular basis so they will grow in popularity and prosper. But after the first five or six blogs finding ideas, content and time to write these blogs becomes a difficult task. You may find yourself madly running about looking for topics and content on a regular basis..

Bloggers' Block and 6 tips

Before you get ‘bloggers’ block’ – try these 6 tips to help you find content on a regular basis:

Content for your blogs

1) Trending content No matter what your field of expertise, search for content on sites such as to find not only the latest trends in your field, but also what and how others are presenting this information.

2) Reposts Not every blog need to be a ‘blog’ – you can repost blogs from others in your field. Just be very careful that your reposts do not promote someone else’s business and services instead of your own. Quoting a Dr. Phil blog is fine, but not a blog written by a competitor in your area. Reposting is easy: Copy the blog url. Write a quick 2-3 sentences on why you think this blog is helpful, interesting or noteworthy and repost away!

3) Celebrities You may not follow celebrities or want to be associated with them, but if a celebrity is having a baby, moving, having surgery, gone through a trauma and the topic is relevant to your readers, there is no reason why you can't or shouldn't use their story – either as a positive or negative ('what were they thinking?') post or blog article.

This is not only an easy way to add content to your page, but also to improve your Facebook posting reach.

4) Go across the pond Look at what people, in your area of expertise, in other parts of the world are blogging about. You could follow their lead and write about these topics or just tell your readers about ‘how they do it across the pond’. Either way it could be an eye-opener for your readers.

5) Timing Some topics become hot and then cold on a regular, cyclical basis: kids start school every September and have to deal with anxiety; most families move in the summer and need to deal with remodeling a new home; come spring many people start their diets to get in shape for the summer and so on. Plan in advance to write blog articles that will help people at the exact time they need the information. You can also repost a timely blog article you wrote a year or two previously – but first re-read your blog to ensure that you still agree with what you wrote and that the information is still relevant today.

6) Start listening People all around you, from your grocer to the taxi driver to the woman standing in line in front of you, may be talking about something that is exactly in your field of expertise or gives you a great idea for a new blog article. Keep your ears and your mind open and write down the idea immediately – you don’t want to find yourself in front of your computer days later trying to remember what ‘that great idea was’.

No matter what your field and no matter what your blog audience there is a sea of content just waiting for you to grab hold of. Just keep your eyes and ears open and just let those ideas flow!

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