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How to write a great About Me page

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The About Me page blog Yochi Eisner Associates

I always say that marketing your business is not about YOU – it’s about YOUR client and the About Me page on your website should reflect this exact same rule! Follow these guidelines to create a great About Me page.

First of all: keep in mind that all your website pages are a 'work in progress'. This means that you should review and update your pages on a regular basis* both for better Google standing and because as your business grows and develops - your website should reflect this!

Your ABOUT ME page IS NOT:

  • NOT a resume of your academic or professional background.

  • NOT a list of your accomplishments (you should have a customer page and/or recommendation page for this list).

  • Not the place to discuss highly technical details of your business or your field of expertise.

  • Not a memoir of your life.

Your ABOUT ME page IS:

How to Write an About Me page YE Associates blog
How to Write an About Me page YE Associates blog
  • A place where a potential client can hear your 'voice' describing what you can do for them.

  • Compose this page as a story; creating an inviting, trustworthy environment, where the tone of the words suits your business. For example: Your content can be chatty and friendly for a makeup artist or serious and straightforward for a lawyer and perhaps a bit ‘out-there’ for a designer. Think about whether you want to talk in first, second or third person – first person (I, me, myself) is, of course, the most personal. Whatever style you choose - use it consistently throughout this page.

  • Keep in mind that the present is more important than the past – unless your past is very relevant to your field. This means that you should talk about what you can do for potential clients today. For example: A tour guide can talk about loving the archaeology of their country and taking the client on an adventure of discovery and NOT talk about how they have been traveling since they were children and love the outdoors. A headhunter can talk about helping candidates find the perfect job to build their career path and NOT talk about how many jobs they held as a teenager. A real-estate agent can talk about knowing the insider tips on buying the perfect home and NOT how many rentals their parents live in.

  • Talk about your accomplishments and include links to your internal customer recommendations, customer list and press pages.

  • If your academic or past work history is relevant but very long – give readers the choice to read this information. Use your About me page to provide the highlights and create an additional page with in-depth information and then link this page to your About Me page.

How do you begin writing the About Me page?

How to Write an About Me page YE Associates blog

  • I am a great believer in writing too much and then editing it down. Don’t self-edit as you go – just write everything you want to say. Next check out what others in your field are writing about themselves in their About Me pages.

Then let all this information sink in, give yourself a breather and revisit this page a few days later. A fresh perspective is necessary to create valuable content. Now ask yourself: are you talking to your audience about their needs or did you just upload your resume? Does your writing tone suit your profession? Ask others to read what you wrote. At the end of the process you should have two paragraphs that ‘sing’ to your potential clients. Don’t forget to sprinkle your keywords throughout this page for effective SEO.

Page style: form follows function follows taste

How to Write an About Me page YE Associates blog
  • Should you write About Us or About Me? This is a very popular small-business-owner question. The answer is simple – if you are a one-person business - go for About Me - you have nothing to be ashamed of. If you hire others on a project-basis, say for graphic or translation work – then by all means say About Us.

  • Should the About Us page be visible on your site’s main menu? I firmly believe that every business, and especially online businesses, must have a ‘mother/father’. This means that potential clients need to see that there is a real person running this business. I know that I am suspicious of any business that either has no About Me page or a very ambiguous one.

How to Write an About Me page YE Associates blog
  • How should my About Me page look? First of all, the page should have the same basic look and feel as your site; with the same color pallet, font choices and so on. But don’t let that stop you or limit you to giving this page a little more personal flair or adding personal photos or any style element that creates an individual, trustworthy, personal atmosphere. Sprinkled around this article are just a few examples of Wix template About Me pages.

Your About Me page is a very important part of your site; invest the time and consideration it deserves. Want to improve your About Me page? Contact me today or book a session online.

[*review and update your pages on a regular basis* - about once every 9-10 months)

Do you want to open yourself to a more successful business? Are you lost in the social media jungle? Let me help you re-energize your business and rediscover your passion in your profession. We’ll work together to improve your online exposure and find the perfect target markets for your business.

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