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Unlock the secrets to client 'Buyers' Remorse' and learn how to prevent this before it h

Updated: May 21, 2021

Dealing with small business buyer's remorse YE Associates

Everyone suffers from buyers' remorse!

No matter what we buy - we always suffer from some form of buyer’s remorse. “Did we buy too much? Too little?” “Did we spend too much money?” “Did we choose the right store? The best contractor?”

Lower your clients' levels of anxiety and buyers' remorse

Our clients can feel anxiety and "buyers' remorse" as well and it is our responsibility to lower their levels of anxiety and when hiring us. If we don’t, the next vendor coming down the road may scoop them up during a moment of their weakness. This is especially true of long term projects and contracts when business relationships often suffer from the inevitable ups and downs of life and business.

This is also true of any new trend or technology that pops up in your area of expertise that causes your clients to question whether they are truly getting the best and most up-to-date out of their business relationship with you.

Your Mantra

We need to assure them with a mantra or a sentence or two or a familiar chorus that - as the relationship grows and trust develops and success can be measured - will become more true and 'set in stone'. It must be a refrain that is suitable to your client audience and appropriate to your business and the way you speak and handle yourself.

Mine is very simple and it runs on these lines:

“There’s no problem / no worries.”

“It’s me – you can call me anytime.”

“If you have a problem or you don’t understand something or want me to explain something again – just ask me – I am always here.”

“I’m not a big company – it’s just me and my people here helping you.”

I always say these lines in the same calm voice. I know from experience that, as I repeat this mantra again and again – first at the initial meeting, then during subsequent meetings and on phone calls – I can see in my clients’ faces that they begin by just listening; then as they hear it repeated (and we have worked together for a while) they smile and then nod their heads in agreement and say – ‘yeah I know’.

It is important to note that I HAVE proven myself and my claims are true.

Maintaining your client's calm and peace of mind

As a business owner, you are responsible for maintaining your client’s calm and low levels of stress and anxiety about why they hired you. Don’t wait for problems to crop up, you must deal with their buyer’s remorse throughout your entire relationship with your client. Now go call your clients and give them a few words of encouragement!


Want to understand how to better deal with your clients' buyers remorse and other issues affecting small business owners like yourself? Contact me today at:

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