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The 7 signs you are ready to open your own business!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

7 signs you are ready to open a business YE Associates

Do you have what it takes to open a small business?

Opening your own business is the dream of so many people, but the real question, the HARD question is – are you READY to open our own business? Take this simple YES or NO quiz to see if you have what it takes to open your own business.

1. The first question is easy: do you love your chosen field? The old saying “work at something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is absolutely true. Do you have that level of passion for what you do? Answer a truthful YES or NO.

2. Do you quickly get enthusiastic about something and then just as quickly lose your enthusiasm? Or to put it another way do you get bored easily and lose your initial enthusiasm about a project or even a hobby and leave it unfinished? Answer a truthful YES or NO.

3. There are so many examples of people who stubbornly followed their dreams, never wavering in their belief in themselves and in their ultimate goal/idea. There are also many, many more people who have not succeeded no matter how hard they have tried. Are you willing to work, suffer, sacrifice and move ahead no matter what anyone else says? Answer a truthful YES or NO.

4. Can you take criticism – especially about your work or anything personal about yourself? Is it hard for you to listen to criticism and even harder to try to learn from it and do better the next time? Answer a truthful YES or NO.

5. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Are you the kind of person who must have everything “just so” or to put it another way: are you a work diva? Answer a truthful YES or NO.

6. Can you take rejection? No matter how many times you are told that it is "not personal – it’s just business”; can you handle people saying NO to you? And then are you able brush yourself off, get up and try again and again and again and again until someone says YES? Answer a truthful YES or NO.

7. Do you have a support system? Do you have a spouse and/or family that supports and is proud of you and your efforts? It's no secret that people with a strong support system have a better chance of business success than those who are fighting the world alone! Answer a truthful YES or NO.

How did you do? Now score yourself: Question 1: YES = 5 points NO = 1 point Question 2: NO = 5 points YES = 1 point Question 3: YES = 5 points NO = 4 points Question 4: YES = 5 points NO = 1 point Question 5: NO = 5 points YES = 1 point Question 6: YES = 5 points NO = 3 points

Question 7: YES = 5 points NO = 3 points

What does your score mean?

32- 35 points: It’s time to take the next step and build your business.

31 - 30 points: Re-evaluate why you want to open your own business and perhaps revisit the issue in a year from now.

Less than 30 points: DO NOT give up your day job. You are not cut out for the business-owners world.

Some more thoughts about opening your own business: Owning a business is a daily learning experience. There are many skill sets you will learn and improve over time, such as time management, social communications and hopefully, the ability to learn to accept failure with grace. As you grow your business you may find stores of perseverance and courage you never thought you had.

I have seen people who seemed timid and reticent at the time they opened their businesses, who, as their businesses developed became confident, articulate professionals. But I also believe these people had the quiet passion and perseverance needed to take the bold step of opening their businesses in the first place.

As your business grows you should also find what is really important to you, what you really want to do, what are your strengths and weaknesses and how to 'bundle' this package into a thriving business.

The reasons you want to open a business do not necessarily impact on your future success, I have seen people who are looking for some ‘extra pocket money’ be as successful as someone who desperately needed a steady income. I have seen people who took a hobby and turn it into a business as well as people who took a passion and turned it into one. It's what you do with what you have that counts.

I don’t believe you need to have all the answers before you open your business, but I do believe you need to understand that the road ahead is bumpy and treacherous, but it can be a hell of a ride!

If you are considering opening a business or are just beginning the journey, please contact me to help mentor your journey to success.


Do you want to open yourself to a more successful business? Are you lost in the social media jungle? Let me help you re-energize your business and rediscover your passion in your profession. We’ll work together to improve your online exposure and find the perfect target markets for your business.

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