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Surrender Dorothy – business success isn't always in your hands

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Wizard of Oz YE Associates Surrender Dorothy Blog

The Surrender Dorothy scene

For me, one of the scariest scenes in the Wizard of Oz, is the Surrender Dorothy scene. If you don’t remember or even heard of this scene, click here to view:

I don't know why this scene always raises the little hairs on the back of my neck; maybe it has something to do with the way the wicked witch draws those words in the air with her broom, without saying a thing. In any case, I believe there is an important message in those two little words for every small business owner.

What we have control over and what we don't

It all begins with the understanding that the only person we have control over is ourselves and while we may have control over our businesses in a general sense, from the products we chose to our work availability and business policies. We do not have control over how customers react to our business’ products and services. Utilizing marketing and advertising we can introduce our businesses and our products/services to the public and build a sense of trust between ourselves and our potential clientele, but we ultimately cannot and do not have control over how they will respond to our businesses. And this is where the Surrender Dorothy message comes into play.

Who's Dorothy and Who's the wicked witch?

At some point, as small business owners, we are all Dorothy – cute and sweet, but a bit lost and the public (our potential clientele) is the wicked witch – big, strong and seemingly all-powerful, flying just out of our reach. At some point we have to realize that there are elements affecting our businesses that are completely out of our control.

The tough questions

While we are in control and can choose what business field we want to be part of. We can choose what products and/or services we wish to offer. We can determine our price range. But we cannot force the public accept any of these. And here is where we need to surrender. We need to take stock of everything we are doing and examine every aspect of our businesses.

Once our businesses are running, we need to ask ourselves:

Which of our products/services are not popular with our clients and are not selling as well as we would like?

Which products/services are draining our limited resources and not bringing a return on investment?

What are our competition doing with their products/services?

The tough answers

You may love a certain product or service; it may have even been the reason you started your business in the first place: but if it is unpopular or draining your limited resources, it’s time to reassess what you really want. Do you want a viable business that you are willing to devote your time and energy to or just a hobby or maybe just a 'place' to showcase your love of that product or service? Is this product/service more important than the over-all success of your business?

If you want a viable, successful business, then I believe you should take stock of what you are doing, listen to your clients and surrender to their desires. Leave off or discontinue products /services that are not money-makers to build a stronger more sustainable business.

No happy ending

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy may have vanquished the wicked witch with a simple pail of water, but in real-life, in order to build a successful business we have to make our customers happy today and then happy enough to return to us again and again.


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