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Understanding and exploiting Facebook Insights

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Facebook Insights YE Associates blog

To get the most out of your business Facebook page you need to consistently post worthwhile content, share it with the appropriate groups AND you must learn to assess and to exploit Facebook's Insights tool. The following is an in-depth explanation on this incredible - free - tool. Note: Keep in mind that Facebook regularly rolls-out (introduces) and repeals features without prior notice and that the Facebook interface displayed here may differ from the interface found on various mobile phones, tablets, as well as on Mac and PC. The following interface screenshots are from a PC.


  • Organic vs Paid: Once you begin to pay attention to your Facebook stats – it’s important to know that there are organic and paid posts and most of the Facebook Insights will graphically reflect this. Organic means that people have begun to view your posts in a natural process as you share with friends and groups and Paid – means just that, you paid to have Facebook expand and increase the reach of your post.

  • Facebook and time: Timing of posts is important to maximize your post's reach, since you want people to see and react to your post when it is convenient for them. If you post in the middle of the night and your viewers generally view your posts in mid-afternoon, by the time they are viewing Facebook your post is buried under tens or maybe hundreds of other posts and they may never see it. Posting time always has a sweet spot for your business and Facebook provides this information according to your time zone, since for the most part Facebook recognizes that you live in Israel – because of your IP (internet protocol) address. However, some of the data may correspond to Facebook's location time in San Francisco.

  • Exact numbers: You can mouse-over on any graph in Insights and see the exact number/percentage and explanation for any given point.

Facebook Insights Blog YE Associates

  • Engagement means an action taken by someone on your page/post, such as a Like, Share and Comment.

Facebook Insights blog YE Associates

How to make the most out of this blog: Open Facebook and find and review each of the Insight pages one-at-a-time. They may not make a lot of sense to you the first time you review them (and some may never have a true value for you), but as you begin to post on a regular basis, you will begin to see patterns of your viewer's behavior: when they read your posts, what subjects interest them (you will see a pattern of more views with certain subjects) and more.

As patterns of viewing emerge you should be able to write more worthwhile content for your viewers and improve your viewing numbers and keep track of your success. Consider 'mixing things up' from time to time and change the day or time you post to see how it affects your numbers - have you improved your viewing numbers or have they declined?

It's also important to understand that Facebook changes the rules and adds (Facebook uses the term 'rolls out') and removes features on a regular basis, so the information you find in Insights today may look different a year from now.


Everything that is discussed from this point on can be found by clicking Insights on the menu just under the main blue Facebook menu.

Facebook Insights blog YE Associates


Once you click Insights’ the following menu is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.

List of insights

Please note: This list may vary or be disolayed in different order.

  • Overview

  • Promotions

  • Followers

  • Likes

  • Reach

  • Page Views

  • Page Previews

  • Actions on Page

  • Posts

  • Events

  • Videos

  • Stories

  • People

  • Local

  • Messages

Let's review them one at a time.


Click Insights > Overview

Facebook Insights blog YE Associates

Page Summary

You can choose a summary for Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days and Last 28 days of overview - click any of the words next to Page Summary in the title and click the timetable.

The information on this part of the page includes the following list. Click the small letter "i " next to the titles to get a short explanation.

  • Actions on Page

  • Page Views

  • Page Previews (explanation of previews is found later in this doc)

  • Page Likes

  • Reach

  • Recommendations

  • Post engagements

  • Videos

  • Page Followers

Next: Your 5 Most Recent Posts

Facebook insights blogs YE Associates

Click on to the link of any of the posts and get even more information on a specific post:

Facebook Insights blog YE Associates

Next: Pages to Watch - you can add pages of competitors or anyone else. See their page’s performance and compare to your own.


Click Insights > Promotions

Facebook Insights blog YE Associates

These are paid promotions – once you boost a post or promote a post– you can view the stats here.


Click Insights > Followers

This page gives you information on Followers to your page at any given period of time: 1 week, 1 month and 1 quarter, including unfollows.

Facebook Insights blog YE Associates
  • Total page followers as of today

  • Net followers

  • Where your page follows happened


Click Insights > Likes

This page gives you information on Likes to your page at any given period of time: 1 week,

1 month and 1 quarter, including unfollows.

  • Total page likes as of today

  • Net likes

  • Where your page likes happened

Facebook Insights blog YE Associates


Click Insights > Post Reach

This page gives you information on Reach (according to Facebook Reach is "the number of people who had any posts from your Page enter their screen") at any given period of time: 1 week, 1 month and 1 quarter. Click to see more information on graph, including:

  • Post reach

  • Recommendations

  • Reactions, comments, shares and more

  • Reactions (love and such)

  • Hides, report as spam and unlikes

  • Total reaches

Facebook  Insights blog YE Associates


Click Insights > Page Views of your profile

This page gives you information on Page Views of your profile at any given period of time: 1 week, 1 month and 1 quarter.

Total views

  • Total people who viewed - including By Section and By Age and Gender. By Country, City and Device (usually not available)

  • Top sources

Facebook Insights blog YE Associates

Page view by age and gender, country, city (not always available)

Facebook Insights blog YE Associates


Click Insights > Page Previews of your profile

What does a Facebook page preview mean? It simply means that someone hovered over your Page's name to see a preview of your page's content.

Facebook Insights blog YE Associates

This page gives you information on Page Previews:

  • Total page previews

  • Total people who reviewed - including By Age and Gender