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Understanding Video posting and and Video Insights in Facebook

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Facebook video insights blog YE Associates

This blog is dedicated to Video posting and understanding Video Insights in Facebook and will be updated and/or additional blogs will be added as time goes on. Make sure to read my blog Understanding and Exploiting Facebook Insights before you read this blog to understand Facebook Insights in general.

How to upload a video on Facebook

Video posting is just as easy as posting images, the major difference is the amount of information you can and should provide regarding your video in the uploading stage.

Facebook Video blog YE Associates
Facebook video blog YE Associates

Click to open a post, just as you would with an image and select the same Upload photos/video.

Select a video from your computer.

Facebook Video blog YE Associates

Facebook automatically recognizes the uploaded media as a video and the first video screen opens.

Facebook Video blog YE Associates

In this screen you will:

Add your video title

Add description of your video Add Tags: key-in existing or create new tags. These tags will help interested viewers find your video - remember Facebook can be and is used as a search engine. Optimally add three tags to each video.

Facebook video blog YE Associates

In this same screen select a thumbnail that will represent this video - ideally this thumbnail should be 'eye-catching' to grab the attention of your viewers. Keep in mind that your video may only be viewed for seconds and is in competition with everyone else's content - an eye-catching thumbnail is your only 'hook' to get audiences interested in viewing.

Click Next for the next screen.

Facebook video blog YE Assocites

In this screen you can set all your publishing/posting options including publishing time and custom distribution, as well as decide how you want your video viewed: in newsfeeds and the like.

Facebook Video blog YE Associates

Scroll down this screen to allow you video on other pages you manage and allow and moderate comments and shares.

Facebook Video blog YE Associates

Click Publish and you will see this screen.

Facebook Video blog YE Associates

Your video and content are now posted and ready to Like and Share. You can edit the post just like any other post.


Click Insights on the menu just under the main blue Facebook menu, then select Video.

Video insights provide all information on the videos you uploaded, including minutes viewed and more. In addition, you should be able to view video demographics on viewers of any given video on the actual video post.


Facebook video blog YE Associates

Minutes Viewed: the total number of minutes the video was watched from your Page's post, in shared posts and in crossposts (reuse of videos) .

10-Second Views: The number of times your video was watched for at least 10 seconds. However, since all videos run automatically as you scroll, a 10-second view is easily achieved and tends to give an ambiguous depiction of video viewing stats.

Audience and Engagement: The number of reactions, comments and shares and in addition, audience demographics are given for videos with at least 100 views

Top Videos:

Here you can view a list of all your published videos, total minutes viewed and 3 second views, as well as publishing date.

Facebook videos blog YE Associates

Click any video title to open a screen for Shared Video Details on a specific video.

Facebook Video blog YE Associates

This screen includes the following information:

3 second video views People reached Unique viewers Post engagements Top audience Top location

Facebook Video blog YE Associates

The top of the Video Insights screen contains Ad Breaks Access which - to date - is not available in Israel, read more here.

How to post a video-based post on Facebook

While you can share images and videos on the same post on a personal page, you cannot combine them on a business page. This means that if you wish to post both forms of media - you need to make two separate posts.

How do you deal with the content for each post? Don't bore your viewers by repeating the same text; make the posts medium-specific; your video post should reference the video, while the image post references the images.

How should you share these posts? Most Facebook groups will not allow you to share two posts at the same time, nor do you want to bore your viewers with essentially the same content. You can share the image-based post to half your groups and the video-based post to the other half. Or share just one post and include a note in that post inviting people to read the second post on your page.


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