Website & newsletter design

Website design

We design your website to represent your business and communicate your message to customers.  We make sure your site is visually pleasing, highly intuitive to explore and search and memorable!  We also ensure that your site is easily updateable, maintainable and customizable back-office, with great SEO features.  Click to view examples of customized sites I've designed.

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FIRST WEBSITE DESIGN PACKAGE from Steve & Yochi's.  Whether you are a new or veteran small business owner - you need a website.  We have the package offer you.  

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Newsletter design

Newsletters are a thoroughly proven marketing method of building trust and strengthening the lines of communication with your clients.  The target market in social media can range over hundreds of thousands or even millions of individuals, many of whom may have little or no interest in your business model. 


We design, write content and publish your e-newsletters on Wix, Mailchip and Inwise platforms and help you maintain the backbone of your newsletter: your client database.  Contact us to learn how an newsletters can benefit your business.

Want to learn how to design and develop your own newsletter?  Learn more here.

Mailchimp newsletter templates

YE Associates offers a range of inspired, ready-to-use Mailchimp templates for all your marketing newsletter needs within a variety of design packages including:

  • Buy a template as-is (you can customize yourself)

  • Buy a template and a bank of hours to customize your template to suit your business and color pallet

  • Create a template from scratch

  • One-on-one and group lessons to learn how to design, update and maintain your Mailchimp account

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