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At YE Associates we know it's hard to be a small business owner, especially during these corona-days. The good news is that we have a BIG advantage: we can react and change direction more quickly than large companies.  Use this to your advantage!  We can help you redesign and re-strategize your business and marketing efforts. Contact us today! Here are some insights and  suggestions to inspire you and help keep your business afloat.

How happy are you with your marketing results?

Have you been investing in your marketing and are you unhappy with your marketing results or not sure what your results should be? Do you feel you are ready to upgrade your marketing efforts and not sure where or how to invest your time and efforts?  The S&Y Index® is the answer.

We know the best way to market small businesses.  We focus all our energy on promoting your small business, developing your marketing strategy and managing the day-to-day marketing program.  Our service package includes: branding and messaging, website design and SEO, managing social media presence, creating marketing collateral and business training .  

We take care of your marketing - so you can take care of your business.

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