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Hire YE Associates

Hire YE Associates


Why hire YE Associates?  Because we KNOW marketing.  Marketing is NOT sales - it has three very specific goals:

Education: teaching potential customers why they need to purchase a product or service and why they need to buy it from your business.

Exposure: exposing your business and products/services to potential customers through all online channels, in-print and in-person.

Brand recognition: repeatedly exposing your business' name/tag line, logo, color palette, other visual and audio cues to as wide an audience as possible to build trust and creditability.

Why hire YE Associates for your small business marketing?  ​We ask the right questions and then listen to your business goals, learn your business model, evaluate your marketing activities (social media foot print, website and print advertising) and assess your customer retention activities.

Then together we develop a marketing strategy and plan suited exclusively for you.  Consider taking our six-month, intensive Business-Driven Marketing Program, learn more here.

​Do you have a working marketing plan and a social media presence but you are frustrated by the results?  You need our Marketing Audit!  Click here to learn more

If it takes a village to raise a child – it takes a team to carry out a successful marketing strategy.  Click the images below to learn more each of our range of business training programs services.

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