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Discover the 9 most important business tasks to master this year!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Your new business year begins today!

The last year and a half have been tough on everyone, in every field and in every walk of life. Let's take this opportunity as this New Year begins to not only 'get back in the saddle' but to make this business year your best ever! How? In this blog we've selected the 9 most important business areas to improve and the applicable tasks you need to accomplish to make this your most successful business year ever.

A downloadable Business Check List just for you!

To really help you move forward we've turned the following list into a downloadable Business Check List (found at the end of this blog) to help keep you focused and on-track. To further assist you in this process, we've included a recommended amount of time it should take you to complete on each task.

The Check List in detail

(1) Website review

This is the perfect time to review the content on your website. Does your website reflect the kind of services your provide today and does it talk to your talk audiences in 'their language'?

(2) Social media review

  • Review each of your social media platforms for the following:

Update social media profile: review, edit and improve your About section and all other sections describing you business.

Update social media images: review and update your cover (large banner image) and profile image (small circular image), ensuring that your branding and messaging are up-to-date.

  • This is a great time to discover what additional social media platforms you should be active on. Are you active on: Facebook ,Twitter, LinkedIn, Google my Business, Instagram, Tumblr YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger, TikTok, Reddit, Viber, Snapchat and the list goes on.

  • Make sure your social media accounts, where possible, are linked either to each other, but certainly to your site.

  • You should be following and tracking your insights and stats on all your social media platforms on a regular basis. If you have not done this to date - then this is the time to begin - using your latest stats as a baseline.

  • If you have been tracking your insights and stats, this is a perfect time to create a year-to-date report and analyze your results: organic vs paid posts, demographics, popular products/services, popular keywords, popular posting times. Use these results to plan the new year marketing strategy and don't leave this to chance.

Looking for professional help? Read more here

(3) Marketing strategy review

Which brings us to create a marketing strategy and schedule for the coming year. This is an involved process that you can begin today with a open mind to refreshing your marketing strategy and schedule. Looking for professional help? Read more here

(4) Email

  • Clean out your inbox(es): delete any email over 2 years old (you really need 'save' emails for one year - if at all) and only file the most important emails. Once you've done the 'big' cleaning you should be cleaning your email on at least a weekly basis! Remember a cleaning box is next to godliness!

  • Make sure you have a business email. The optimal solution is a domain name email (G-Suite email accounts are reasonably priced and part of the Google family), if you prefer not to invest, you must open a separate Gmail account using your business name.

  • No matter what account you use you should create an email signature, which should include you name, business name, all contact information, tag lines, logo and at least some social media links, as well as your website link.

(5) Computer and mobile phone updates

Enable computer and mobile phone updates as you get update requests. If you are nervous about whether the requests are legitimate, ask a trust-worthy friend or get a professional to review the email before you click on it! Begin today by checking if your computer/phone is due for an update.

(6) Antivirus and backups

Make sure that you have a working antivirus on your phone and your computer. In the same breath and just as important is protecting your work with a file-restore backup. In addition, we believe that a second 'physical' backup is always a good idea, such as an external hard drive. No one thinks they need these precautions until your computer is under attack and/or files are lost or mistakenly deleted.

(7) 'Business-up' your mobile phone Make sure your phone has a business message recording; even if you use your phone for both personal and business use. This business message may be a potential client's first impression of you and your business - remember there is no 'second' first impression.

(8) Upgrade your professional image - begin the process

Get new professional images of yourself, your office, your products and the like for the coming year. Keep your look fresh, timely and up-to-date and well-branded - no matter what media you're using!

(9) Upgrade your professional tools

Start using or get more involved in using professional tools:

Canva for graphics

myhours for tracking work hours

Wix for websites

Mailchimp for newsletters

Want to learn how to use these and other useful business platforms more effectively and efficiently? Learn about our business training here

The NEXT step is yours and we're here to help!

Now it's time to do the work! We offer two methods, choose the one best suited to your work methodology:

  • Print the following PDF version and work from a hard copy. Click to download and then print out a copy.

  • Work directly from an Excel version. Click to download and save to your hard drive. Don't forget to click the Enable Editing button to begin work.

In either version, schedule the start date for each task and a completion date (use our recommended task duration) and GET MOVING today!

Print file: PDF format

Important business Check List from YE Associates
Download PDF • 78KB

Excel file: Download and save

The 9 most important business areas to improve from YE Associates
Download XLSX • 17KB

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