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Why is a social media refresher course so important TODAY?  The concept of ‘word of mouth’ marketing has almost disappeared as no one can SEE your mouth anymore and that easy sense of talking to and sharing with people - face-to-face - are things of the past.  

Social media marketing has become even more important than ever for every small business owner.  This is the perfect time to refresh and polish your social media marketing skills with our one-on-one online six-session course touching on all the most important social media marketing aspects.

Each online session is an hour and a half long, while the introductory marketing session is two hours.

Learn more about each session below.

Please note this course is designed for small business owners who already have their social media channels in place and want to improve them or gain a better understanding of how to use these channels. 


If you have not do not have any social media exposure, please register for one of our beginner courses (Social Media Marketing Workshops and Courses) here.

Session 1

Basic marketing/social media marketing, including posting schedule, messaging , branding and taglines and today’s necessary marketing tools, CTAs


Sessions 2 & 3

Session 2 Review of all business page basics, including look and feel.

Session 3 Review of creating content, posting best practices and technique, understanding Likes, Comments and Shares, recommendations and understanding Insights


Sessions 4 & 5

Session 4 Facebook and Instagram comparison, review of business page basics, bio, rules and hashtagging, Likes and Comments.

Session 5 Review of content creation, posting best practices, understanding insights, understanding Followers and Following, Stories and Highlights.

Google my Business

Session 6

Review of GmB platform capabilities, set up and weekly maintenance, reuse of content, use of for recommendations, and understanding and improving Insights.

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