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Business-Driven marketing course

Introducing our Business Driven Marketing   Program!
Don't let your marketing drive your business - it's time for your business to drive your marketing.  It's time for you to take control and not let social media dictate how you market your business! 

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So many small business owners, like yourself, find marketing their businesses frustrating, confusing and unrewarding. 


Why all the frustration?   The main reason is obvious: small business owners never really planned their businesses before they opened them and so they 'skipped' important business development steps, such as branding and messaging. When these development steps are created 'on the fly', they don't always meet the needs of the business or help move the business forward. 


To make matters worse, today's popular social media channels have created rules, guidelines and limitations that further confuse and frustrate small business owners.

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We want to stop the frustration and that's why we developed our Business-driven Marketing ®Program.  Our program takes you on a step-by-step journey to develop your company and your marketing strategy.  During our weekly meetings we will both motivate you to succeed and make you accountable for your every action.

Once you develop your business correctly, your marketing becomes understandable, manageable and more successful.  This is what we mean by business-driven marketing!  

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How is the program organized?

The Business-driven Marketing ® Program is organized into a 24-week intensive program, divided into three sections and includes one-on-one online meetings and weekly work assignments.  The program begins with Section 1, a 10-week Business Reality Check and continues on to Section 2, an 8-week Competitive Analysis Assessment and concludes with Section 3, a 6-week custom-designed business-driven marketing plan you can manage!

Our Business-driven Marketing ®Program is the only program designed specifically for small business owners to help them successfully market their businesses.

Click to download our program syllabus and take advantage of our 10% registration discount!

Business-driven marketing? Is there another kind of marketing?

Yes!  Social media-driven Marketing has become the standard for most small businesses, as this is the most cost-effective, easy and efficient way for small businesses to market their services.  This means that the guidelines and constraints placed on marketing via social media channels, such as posting limitations, standards, strategies and procedures have taken precedence over the actual needs of small businesses.

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