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Business-Driven marketing course

Business-driven   marketing program

Don't let your marketing drive your business; it's time for your business to drive your marketing.  It's time for you to take control and not let social media dictate how you market your business! 

So many small business owners find marketing their businesses frustrating, confusing and unrewarding.  The reasons are quite simple; many marketing activities are created with large businesses in mind and tend to view and treat small businesses as if they are miniature large businesses which is far from the truth and creates unrealistic expectations.  In addition, many small business owners never really planned their businesses before they opened them and so they 'skipped' important business development steps, such as branding, messaging and so forth. When these steps are created 'on the fly', it is nearly impossible to develop and manage a cohesive and professional marketing plan.

We designed our 24-week, intensive Business-driven Marketing ® Program to guide you through your business development plan and ultimately enable you to build an understandable, manageable and successful marketing plan.  This is what we call business-driven marketing.  Our Business-driven Marketing ® Program is the only course designed specifically for small business owners.

Acquire the skills and self-confidence you need to succeed in business.

Create your social media marketing plan workshop

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It's time to create your social media marketing plan for the coming year 2021 with our private, one-on-one two-hour workshop.  We will help you create a professional social media marketing plan - across all social media channels - specifically designed for your business and your area of expertise.  Our offer includes our custom designed scheduling tool to will help you maintain and track of all your social media marketing needs. 

Social Media Refresher course


Social media marketing has become even more important than ever for every small business owner.  This is the perfect time to refresh and polish your social media marketing skills with a six-session, one-on-one online course dealing with all the most important social media marketing aspects.

Social Media Marketing Workshops and Courses

Social media marketing YE Associates

Facebook for beginners

Learn everything you need to know to open and manage your own business page in Facebook in four sessions. Learn and understand how Facebook works, create posts and simple graphics, understand groups and sharing to groups and the How Tos to make Facebook your best business friend. 

LinkedIn (Primarily for B2B businesses)

Learn everything you need to know to open and manage your own Company page in LinkedIn in two to three sessions. Learn how LinkedIn operates, how to join groups, write posts and articles, add skills, assess analytics and how to get the most out of this social media tool.

Facebook for intermediate and advanced levels

Learn the secrets of valuable posting content and the sweet spot times for posting content and videos in four sessions.  Understand how to interpret Facebook insights and how to improve your view and follower statistics.


Learn everything you need to know to open and manage your own business page in Instagram in one session.  Learn how to create your profile, a linktree, hashtagging, follow and share other profiles and how use this vital tool on both your smartphone and your computer.

C-level Executive social media marketing training

This social media marketing training program is designed specifically for C-level management who need to 'get a handle' on social media marketing, concepts and capabilities, but will not be managing the day-to-day details of the social media channels.  This training is custom-designed for each client.  Each session is between one and a half to two hours and the number of sessions depends on individual needs.

Design workshops and courses

Canva logo.png

Design all your own graphics with Canva

Learn the secrets of Canva, one of the most versatile freemium design programs on the market today.  Learn how to design all your own graphic images for social media posts and profiles for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, create logos, business cards, presentations, video intros and outros and so much more! Learn more about our Canva workshops. Individual and group workshops available.


Build your website with Wix

Learn how to build and maintain a professional business website using WIX, in four to six sessions*.  Together we will build your site, in real-time, from selecting a domain name, color palette and basics of website building and maintenance; including writing content, selecting images and connecting to social media.

Food blog

Newsletter & email marketing

Learn how to build, develop and maintain a professional client database and design and develop a professional newsletter system using Mailchimp  in three sessions*. Together we will establish your database, develop an emarketing plan for newsletters, a content plan and design a newsletter template.   

These one-session*, standalone workshops on a wide range of marketing topics were designed for small business owner groups and networking groups.


The truth behind Branding & Niche Markets

Branding & Differentiation

Who are you and what do you have to offer?

Branding, markets and niche markets

Advertising Poster on Building

All about advertising your small business

Why advertise?

What do I advertise?

How to advertise: online & traditional  

market messaging ye associates

Creating an effective marketing message for your business

Creating an effective message

Talking the customer’s language

Marketing Case Studies

Pressing the Elevator Button

Creating a winner Elevator Speech

In this two-session learn the why, how and when of an 'elevator speech'.  Course includes improved presentation skills.

pricing secrets ye associates

The secrets of pricing & competition

Pricing and customer-perceived value

Competition and pricing

Creating a price list and effective price quotes

Understanding lead-time

Lingerie Web Design

Creating a polished business look

Creating a portfolio of work BEFORE you have one

Creating a portfolio of work

Creating a service/product menu & price list

*One-session workshops are approximately three to four hours long.

If your business/networking group is looking for a lecture series tailored to your specific needs please contact me today.

Additional lecture series: 

Final Invite to YE Associates at Bn4es m

The Ugly Truth About Marketing

Make your Facebook Business page work for you!

Learn the ins and outs of your Facebook Business page.

The Cha-Ching Syndrome

Learn all about on the art of pricing your business and making money.

The Smart-money Marketeer

Learn to take control of your social media marketing efforts from content to graphics in two workshop sessions..

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